Although Elgin is a small town, we do have the bad influences that spill over from larger, nearby communities, as well as our own home-grown types.  Inside the town limits of Elgin, we have identified several sets of gangs - all of which are currently claiming allegiance to the Folk Nation.  However, right outside of town, we have located a group claiming allegiance to the People Nation.  Conflict has, so far, been limited.
Under the direction of Chief Brown, the Elgin Police Department has assigned a senior officer to maintain tabs on the gangs and work to identify issues.   Our officers work with the East Coast Gang Investigators Association, the Midlands Gang Investigators Association, and representatives from the School Resource Officers and the various local and surrounding departments.
As part of the outreach program, Chief Brown worked to develop an educational program on gangs that is offered for presentation to local community, civic, religious, educational, or school related groups or to individuals.  Previous presentations have been made to the local schools, Kershaw County Foster Parents, the Blaney Baptist Church, and the Pee Dee Constable's Association. 
For further information, or to schedule a presentation for your group, contact the Elgin Police Department.
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