Officer Doug Barton

Officer Doug Barton joined our department in July 2011 after stints with the Bethune Police Department, Camden Police Department, and Kershaw County Sheriff's Office.  He has experience in investigations, supervision, SWAT team operations, and tracking.

We are looking forward to making use of his extensive experience.


- Graduate, South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy 1998
- Radar Certification,
- NCIC Operator Certification
- Datamaster Operator Certification
- Lidar Operator Certification
- Traffic Collision Investigation
- Felony DUI and Accident Reconstruction Training
- Street Survival Training
- Specific Skills Instructor
- Field Training Officer certificate
- Ground Defense Instructor
- Defensive Tactics Instructor
- OC Instructor
- Spontaneous Knife Defense Instructor
- Detective Level One certification
- Taser Certified
- SC Certified Interior Structural Firefighter
- Training in Response to Active Shooters


Honor Graduate - South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy 1998
-  Bullard Save a Life Award, Kershaw County Sheriff's Office 2009
-  Numerous letters of commendation and appreciation