On 10 June 2003, Corporal J Shannon Cook was awarded the Medal of Valor for actions taken in the line of duty on 28 March 2003.
   The Medal of Valor is awarded to Police Officers who risk their lives in order to save the life of another.
   Corporal Cook earned this award while assisting the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office.  As Corporal Cook and a KCSO Deputy entered a residence, a suicidal subject started a blaze that rapidly spread throughout the area.  When negotiations with the subject, who was armed with a broken beer bottle, failed and smoke became denser, Corporal Cook disarmed the subject and, with the KCSO Deputy, dragged the subject from the house.
   The house was completely consumed before the arrival of back up officers and the fire department.  After being treated for smoke inhalation, Corporal Cook returned to patrol.

   Congratulations Corporal Cook, your bravery and dedication reflect highly on you and the Elgin Police Department.
Chief Brown presents the Medal of Valor to Corporal Cook.