Chief H. Harold Brown

-Certified SC Insurance Fraud Investigator
-Certified SC Level II Firearms Instructor
-Certified SC Basic Law Enforcement Officer Instructor
-Certified Firearms Training System Instructor
-Certified Breathalyzer Operator
-Certified Datamaster Operator
-Certified in Cap-Stun Method of Non-Lethal Defense
-Certificate in Forensic Pathology - Greenville Technical College
-Certificate in Conflict Resolution - University of South Carolina
-Certificate in Interview and Interrogation Techniques - SC Criminal Justice Academy
-Verbal Judo Training - Verbal Judo Institute
-Certificate in Vehicular Stops - SC Criminal Justice Academy
-Certificate in Gang Awareness - SC Criminal Justice Academy
-Advanced Certificate in Fingerprinting - SC Criminal Justice Academy
-Basic Boating Course - SC Wildlife & Marine Resources Department
-Certificate in Hate Crimes - SC Law Enforcement Officer's Foundation
-Certificate in Prevention - SC Governor's Office & SC Division on Aging
-Certificate in Sexual Assault & Stalking - SC Victims Advocate Division
-Strategic Leadership Planning - Federal Bureau of Investigation
-Bloodborne Pathogen Training - SC Department of Health & Environmental Control
-Training in Community Policing - SC Department of Public Safety
-Approved Range Master - Ft. Jackson Army Base
- National Certifying Agent, DrugBeat
- NCIC Operator Certification
- Taser Instructor Certification
- Environmental Crimes and Terrorism
- Flying While Armed
- Training in Response to Active Shooters

SC Law Enforcement Officers' Association
SC Police Chiefs Association
National Association of Chiefs of Police
-Letter of Commendation for Rape Investigation - Kershaw County Sheriff's Office, 1989
-Letter of Commendation for Lifesaving - Kershaw County Sheriff's Office, 1993
-Plaque of Appreciation for Reserve Officer Training - Kershaw County Sheriff's Office.,1993
-1995 Elgin Citizen of the Year - Town of Elgin, SC
-1995 He Dares, He Cares, He Shares Award - Blaney Elementary School
-1997 Richland NE/Kershaw County Officer of the Year - American Legion Post 182
-1998 Kershaw County Officer of the Year - Elgin VFW
- 2006 Richland NE/Kershaw County Officer of the Year - American Legion Post 182
- 2007 Inducted into the American Police Hall of Fame
- 2007 Victim Services Recognition - Alpha Center

SC Notary Public
H.Harold Brown is the current chief of police for the Town of Elgin. Before taking the position of chief he served as a deputy sheriff, sergeant, and lieutenant with the Kershaw Co. SO. He has also worked as a special deputy U.S. Marshal, and was employed by the SC Forestry Commission.
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