Lieutenant Alan Anders


Lieutenant Anders came to the Elgin Police Department from the nearby Camden Police Department and has been a wonderful addition to the team.  Shortly after the completion of his first year with us, his excellent performance resulted in his promotion to Corporal. In July 2007, he was promoted to Sergeant and further promoted to Lieutenant in August 2011.  

Lieutenant Anders serves as a Field Training Officer, Driving Instructor, Firearms Instructor and Taser Instructor.

While with the Camden Police Department, Officer Anders served as an Accident Reconstruction Investigator and as a member of the Camden Police SWAT team.  Officer Anders began his career as a reserve Deputy with the Kershaw County Sheriff's Office.
Training and Certifications
*  Basic Police Officer's Training - South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy - 2001
*  Radar Certification
*  Data Master Operator Certification
*  NCIC Operator Certification
*  Accident Reconstruction Certification
*  Capstun Certification
*  Street Survival Certification
*  Taser Certification
*  Specific Skills Instructor
*  Certificate in Marijuan Testing
*  FEMA Training
-  Vehicle Theft/Ins. Fraud Technician
-  Driving Instructor Certification
-  Firearms Instructor Certification
- Taser Instructor Certification
-  Patrol Rifle Certification
- Training in Response to Active Shooters
Awards and Commendations.
- Officer of the Year, Elgin Police Department, 2008
- Five Year Service Medal, Elgin Police Department, 2008
- Four Year Safe Driving Medal, Elgin Police Department, 2008
- Good Conduct Award, SC Police Chief's Association, 2005
- One Year Service Ribbon, Elgin Police Department, 2004
- One Year Safe Driving Ribbon, Elgin Police Department, 2004
- Awarded Expert Shooting Badge, Elgin Police Department, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008
- Commendation for Excellent Police Service in the capture of a carjacking and rape suspect - Camden Police Department - May 2002
South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers' Association
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